Friday, February 14, 2014

geng pengembaraan bermula. destinasi : SPAIN.

sampai je kat airport barca, kami dijemput oleh FIQ!! exclassmate PC. gile lame tak jumpe FIQ n Ilya juga. yang pasti semua orang da makin matang. (hazirah, im not so sure, haha)

the flower are blooming even the spring not yet come. 
(1st day in barcalona, time to shop, haha)

see, how happy linowt is. jumpe masuk jumpe masuk. 

mira n flocks of pigeons. 

me and casa batlo, one the Gaudi's creation. (xmasuk sebab xminat nak tahu, curi2 dgr tour2 guide dikeliling kami haha)

behind me is another Gaudi's creation but unfortunately, it is in renovation. 

 posing kejap.

in front of sagrada familia (well im not sure is it front or back). since i entered so much churches in Italy, im not interested to enter any of them anymore. this building is huge and have a nice architectures, but well you know they have a lot of sculptures, which so much different with our Islamic culture. besides, from my experienced before, the inside is not fun, inside is dark and has scary music played (loud n unpredicted). so, Church is not my thing. but since it is one of the tourist attraction, picture is a must!

linowt is so amazed by this guy. see, he can make big bubble. perghhhh...

see! they already got something for them. hehe

as for me, not yet. just can give a smile and a peace.

selca is also a must. 

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