Friday, March 1, 2013

welcome to madame tussauds berlin.

 gabenor berlin

writing love letter? 

 i'm watching you!!

scandalous president.  

barack obama, dont meddle with other's country business please! 

kurusnyer die 

i push one key, the piano plays. wah i'm genius!! 

e = mc square. 

Marilyn monroe? i know nothing about her, just her name and her famousness.  

 they said this guy is the handsome violinist in germany. 

met will smith. 

thun berapa ntah citer et ni, xpernah pulak gue tengok. boleh pulak budak tu gatih basikal smpai angkasa lepas, ermm xlogik lansung.  

 christiano ronaldo, heh3.

giler tinggi die nih! 

lepas x kalu jadi boxer ni? haha 

justin timberlake, ok la.. 

 sape kecik2 hitam, bile besar putih melepak? ha., jwab2. 

xsenonoh betol minah ni duduk. ish2 

one more question to be a millionaire. 

no need to go to london anymore haha. 

kurus jugak mamat ni.

Friday, February 22, 2013

meet the konigsee lake the cleanest lake in germany

 sun greeated us happily

very nice weather that day. 

love the view. 

oitt, u olls x sejuk ke main dalam air time winter2 ni. 

rumah terapung? 

gunung putih bersalji. 

 its sooo cold babe!

love this photo<3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

bayern motor works welt day 3

wow. siap ade jalan raya dalam bangunan ni, btw ni tempat test drive kete2 yang dijual disini. saya xpasti la pulak sape2 ke boleh je test drive free even xde niat nak beli. untungla sapa ade lesen.

 excited woa. dapat masuk kete yang selesa ni. hehe, akak bmw tu siap offer nak tutup roof die. kitorang haha jakun giler.

best giler kalau ade motor besar cam ni. rase stabil je naik. 

cun kan kete dream car but not this color. 

nampak kecik tapi kat dalam boleh tahanlah luas jugak tuk kete kecik. kuat giler bunyi kalau tutup pintu., 

yes racing is  in our blood.  langgar tiang langgar semua bende la. haha 

paksa pah ambikkan gambar. pah: ko ni semua bende ko nak ambik gambar. 

kete yang selalu artis hollywood pakai. joyce royce kalau xsilap. first time tngk. haha.

Friday, February 15, 2013

masuk gue sejuk beku day 2

 the road is so slippery.

 kalau kat malaysia, tempat2 cang ni, kite panggil lata.

sejuk beku. sejuk sangat, sejuk sejuk sejuk. 

even mini air terjun pun beku skali 

olympia park, tempat yang hanya diguna bile ade event sukan jer. 

silah kata tempat ni cam ade pembunuh bersiri. haha, klaka la silah ni.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

jelajah negara Adoft Hitler day 1

we flying with KLM. full of mat sallehs. during the flight, i saw another planes passed our plane, they were like very2 fast and our plane like very2 slow. that was my first time seeing that. haha. *macam  kat dunia lain je. macam terbang atas cotton candy.hik3*

found this amazing science electrical thing during our transit in Armsterdam. may be there's been a lot of malaysian reach here since the security guard suddenly greet me "selamat datang". me like "WOW!" impressed ^_^
*main satu game ni, tetibe je sorang pompuan mat salleh entah datang dari mana, join kitorang main skali n she is like overexcited, then kitorang blah sambil gelak, haha*

meet this kind guy named FARIS, just graduated from one of the university here in Germany. he's living in Munich. when we asked him why he chose not to work in malaysia, then he gelak besar. what i remembered from his explanation is that, he said that the working environment in oversea is thousands better than malaysia. well, i cannot disagree with him because it is indeed true. when we reached munich he taught us (well actually Pah only, hehe) how to buy the electronic ticket. i amazed how he could speak germany well (i always admire people who can talk multilanguages)..*ambik gambar curi2, saya bukannya jenis yang suke "jom tangkap gambar same2", segan n rasa macam xmatang..keke*

view from back of our hostel. we need to ride a train from munich which take 2 hours to reach here a place named FUSSEN.
*sampai kat munich around 5, naseb baek xmalam lagi. susah jugakla nak cari hostel ni, and the receptionist is a Chinese girl. haha. kat seluruh pelusuk dunia kalau campak bangsa ni kat mane2 i'm sure they can survive, haha"

in front of our most expensive stay while in Germany.  *it is freezing cold*

waiting for the bus. 'understanding' the map diligently..ekeke~~~
if anyone can notice, there is in middle of this picture at the left side among those trees is our destination for that day. and to reach there, we need to climb which took about half an hour since the bus couldn't run that time since the road is so icy. *penat giler kot, dengan kasut dan baju2 yang berat campur ngan sejuk beku*

finally reached there with lots of oxygen consumed and ATP being used. haha. this is the Neushwanstein castle which is look like castle in disney movies. the owner of this castle was King Ludwig, which die at a young age of 40. the interior is well preserved. the king's bed from my point of view is very small for a person which is 2 metre height. well may be he slept like a baby. haha.
*jumpe banyak giler chinese, korean, japanese*

this is the most fascinating view that i ever witness with my two myopic eyes. its look like standing behind a very beautiful postcard. i will never ever forget this view of Alpsee lake. *spoil la bende bulat besi tu,,hik3*

we were told by the tour guide in the castle that we were not expecting sun that day, but Alhamdulillah, with His will we could experience this great view of nature, His wonderful creation.

on the train back to munich. bye2 fussen *_*

_meet you in the next post_anyeong!