Monday, April 30, 2012


Saturday, April 28, 2012


 eksperimen kacang hijau bermula!

tiger barb saya happy balik bile letak bhw cahaya matahari...n saya pun hepi juge...

saya nyer bowl ibah ltk ank2 ikan potong bekas air yg besar tu, letak diorang...bekas kecik2 dlm ni saya buat2 eksesori....hihi

Thursday, April 26, 2012

he and she 2

the next day, with hope he went again to the park, to the same spot like yesterday. she was there! he was so happy.
like yesterday, he didn't have any guts to approach her.and when her paper dropped behind the bench, the girl got up and turned her body around to pick up her paper. so, only this time he able to see her face.

"she's so pretty." his heartbeat stop for a while.

but as the day passed by, once again he watched her walked away.

he kept going to the park, day by day, week by week. watching the girl that had captured his heart.

then one day,.... be continued..........

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

he and she

not long ago, there was a boy strolling in a park just nearby his house. that day was such a beautiful day. the sky was so blue with little fluffy clouds marching the sky. the wind not so strong, it was gentle and refreshing. he took a deep satisfying breath before sitting down on bench nearby the fountain.

as he scanning the park, watching the citizens, his eyes caught on somebody, a girl to be exact. sitting not far from him. his eyes fixed on her. he didn't know what made him so attracted to her. even though he could only see her back and her black long wavy hair, he couldn't let go his eyes off from her.

the girl seem so concentrated on something. she didn't even lift her head. like she was busy doing something with the paper and the pencil.

he kept watching her. and she stayed same till she got up and left the park.

and him?

he watched her walked away. be continued......

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

another journey. this time off we go to the south.

suasana sekitar hotel, penuh ngan pokok2 kurma. enth knp jadi 2 gmbr ni...haha..buat segan jerr..

mountain of the dead. panas sehhh

second destination: "Shali" which means home. panjat lagi bukit.

with Asilah aka Adiwanang

with Hawa n Asilah again. angin sangt kuat, buka mata pun xmampu sangat.

the next day: rumah penduduk siwa yang simple.

then mendakilah kami sekali lagi. doktor Aiman: "take care2. descend carefully. step on the prominent stone." hihi

with Asilah lagi, but this time dalam jeep get ready for Safari.

jeepnye rupe begini.

with yan. silah, hawa, n mun. guess which one is me.

gambar lupe nak betulkan. huhu. if you all perasan we are on the cliff, a very deep cliff.

perghh...perasan sorang2 atas padang pasir...haha

steps to....atas bukit, penat jalan atas pasir.

beautiful sunset. the sun descend so quickly. huhu

last archeological site. the temple, which was once visited by Alexander the great yang xgreat sangat atas sebab2 tertentu. haha.

with all 3rd year yg pergi trip ni except sal because sal yang tolong ambik gambar. n doktor Aiman yang sempat usik topi saya.

again the beautiful sunset. n together with us are one thousand army of nyamuk.

last day, sempat snap gambar kat beranda bilik hotel.

the journey took many hours to reach matrouh. n sekeliling adalah desert. ibarat padang jarak padang tekukur.

sekejap brenti di matrouh. (trip ni spatutnya ditulis sebegini: siwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and matrouh) sekejap sangat kat matrouh ni.

well, now holiday is almost over. and the next week will be the last week before exam.
ok., good luck everybody.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

its the real truth!

lelaki selalu bising suruh perempuan tundukkan pandangan, jaga pergaulan, tutup aurat betul2...but they forgot something really important here:

remember that before ayat 31 surah an-nur, ayat 30 surah an-nur keluar dahulu.

one more thing,

dear guys/male/gentlemen dan seangkatan dengannya,

"we muslim girls does not cover our aurat because of you. we cover it because it is Allah's command."

~baru terfikir after Dr harlina cakap ni tyme STEP ari tu~

Monday, April 2, 2012


penat belajar?
nak hilangkan stress?
nak gelak2?
nak tengok movie?
tapi xnak tgk movie mat salleh yang makin mengarut?
xkesah layan movie korea?

saya ada penyelesaiannya...

jom layan citer ni...
sumpah kelakar. (dah lama sya xgelak macam ni after tgk citer)
File:Going by the Book film poster.jpg

dont judge the actor's face. he's not handsome but yet he still an awesome actor.
watch it online at

haha. enjoy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


in my head, widely spreading
i engrave you and fly far away
i close my eyes that see everything
and i want to turn back the time and go back to before.

falling like this, falling for you
even if you cant catch me.
falling once again, falling for you
can't you embrace me?

the good days and even the bad painful days,
if you look back, is it just nothing?
please say, it is not so
if only my bruised, empty heart can feel again.

falling like this, falling for you
even if you cant catch me.
falling once again, falling for you
can't you embrace me?

on the top of sky, dark is spreading
i see my self endlessly falling

falling like this, falling for you
please catch me
falling once again, falling for you
please embrace me

even i endlessly fall, even if i fall to ground
toward you, i falling for you
i just look at you.

~JOHN PARK- falling ~